Warning Signs of Addiction

Table of Contents

Understanding Addiction

The Warning Signs:

When to Seek Help


Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated approach that addresses both addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously. It recognizes the interconnectedness of these issues and provides tailored treatment for each individual.

Approaching someone about their addiction can be challenging. Choose a private and non-confrontational setting, express your concern, and offer support and resources to help them seek treatment.

Many insurance plans offer coverage for addiction treatment. It’s essential to check your policy or contact our admissions team at Enhance Health Group for assistance with insurance verification.

Addiction is a chronic disease, but it can be effectively managed with the right treatment and support. Many individuals achieve long-term recovery and lead fulfilling lives.

Embrace Treatment Center specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, providing comprehensive care that addresses both addiction and underlying mental health issues. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery.